MarrySong by Dennis Scott

Marrysong by Dennis Scott (All notes, except the poem itself, are copyright of The Arts & Humanities Tuition Services.) He never learned her, quite . Year after yearthat territory, without seasons, shiftedunder his eye. An hour he could be lostin the walled anger of her quarried hurton turning, see cool water laughing wherethe day beforeContinue reading “MarrySong by Dennis Scott”

Why Do Most Students Not Do Well in English?

Ever felt like giving up because your studies became too overwhelming? Your grades in English, or any other subject, might cause you to be concerned, and you might start to feel the below: Panic. Stress. And even worse, depression. So you decide to practice more. That’s a good idea, but it has its drawbacks. WhileContinue reading “Why Do Most Students Not Do Well in English?”